Individual Therapy for Parents and Caregivers in NJ & PA


Telehealth is an excellent option for busy, working parents, or stay-at-home parents who don’t have backup care. You can receive care from the comfort of your couch. Telehealth makes it easy to squeeze a session into your lunch break or your child’s naptime if you need to!

Office Visits

Office visits are available on Tuesdays and Fridays in Cherry Hill, NJ. This is an ideal option if you want  to experience some new scenery, live in tight quarters and want privacy for your appointments, or if you’re bringing young children in for family therapy.

Service Specialties

Perinatal Mental Health

The process of becoming a new parent is filled with paradoxical sensations. You've never felt so much overwhelming excitement and fear at the same time. You're constantly feeling two contrasting emotions at once. You are filled with overwhelming joy and back pain. Your dreams are finally coming true and you're vomiting every time you eat. Maybe it's the hormones, maybe it's the lack of sleep. It's impossible to ever truly know. The process of becoming a biological parent takes a toll on both the mind and body. Postpartum depression and anxiety disorders can affect birthing and non-birthing parents.

Neurodivergent Children

Neurodivergent children have brain differences that can be seen both as strengths and challenges. They process and interact with the world differently.

Your child might be a sensory seeker who drains your energy fast, or your child may be a sensory avoider who hides during your efforts to show them fun. Your child might be autistic or have ADHD, or perhaps you refer to them as your "wild child." No matter what the case, you know you need to do something different for your quirky child.

I can help you learn how to parent using neurodiversity affirming strategies.

Parental Burnout

Have you ever yelled at your kids and felt regret about it afterwards? Welcome to the club. Nothing will test your patience more than the beautiful little space invaders you've committed your life to raising. Let's figure out how to help you feel slightly less reactive, frazzled, and defeated on your journey through parenthood.

Mindful parenting, self care, and practicing patience can help immensely. Self care is tricky to fit in as a parent, and I can help you troubleshoot how to care for yourself while caring for everyone else.

Becoming a New Stepparent, Blended Families, & Coparenting

Starting your family from the ashes of someone else's divorce can be a jarring reality for a kindhearted individual who thinks to themselves, "I can date someone with kids, I love kids!" One day you're falling in love, the next day you're knee deep in court orders, custody schedules, parental alienation, child support, co-parenting. Adding your own kids into the mix makes it even more fun!

parents of toddlers and young children

Being a parent is especially stressful when your child's prefrontal cortex isn't fully developed yet. Toddlers can seamlessly transition from feeling exuberant elation and harrowing sorrow. Brain growth is exponential in the first few years of life, which is why your toddler's emotions are constantly going haywire. What does this mean for your relationship with them? They need you to help manage their big feelings. You are their emotional control center. Parents help toddlers do this through a process called co-regulation.

Relationship Support

Did you know about 60% of couples report a drop in relationship satisfaction after having a baby? It can be easy to lose sight of one another when there are tiny humans interrupting you every time you try to have an intimate moment. Parenting differences and the increased responsibility can bring up a lot of new challenges in what was otherwise a very happy relationship before adding kids.

Telehealth sessions are available Tuesday-Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Office visits are available Tuesdays and Fridays at my office in Cherry Hill NJ