Session Rates


60 min


60 min

Health Insurance

In network with Aetna, United Healthcare, and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.

Most clients who use insurance end up paying a copay between $15-$50, depending on the plan.


Here is a list of questions to ask your health insurance plan before utilizing your insurance benefits for behavioral health services. The phone number for your plan’s customer support is on the back of your insurance card.

  1. Do I have a deductible? 
  2. What is the dollar amount of my deductible?
  3. What is my coinsurance for behavioral health BEFORE I meet my deductible? This is the percentage of the cost of each session you are responsible for paying until you meet your deductible.
  4. What is my coinsurance for behavioral health AFTER my deductible is met?
  5. On what date does my deductible reset?
  6. Do I have a copay?
  7. What is my copay for behavioral health?
  8. Is my insurance plan active?
  9. Did my insurance plan change since I last received behavioral health services?
  10. What are my out of network benefits for behavioral health?

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